Friday, January 20, 2012

Casual Friday it IS!

Kim K. was caught at the airport yesterday evening. Her flights were delayed ,so she was photographed by papz sporting a casual look.

Face it People!There are just days that you don't want to dress up. Everyone is entitled to those types of days! Kim has still managed to sport this casual/dressy look.   Found this outfit for just about $125.00! That balenciaga handbag that Kim has is way more than that I'm sure!

Fringe Cut Away-Sleeve Top $18.00
White Tank Top $19.00
Flare Jeans $19.99
Sunglasses $14.25
Ivory Satchel $54.00
HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND!! Hope it doesn't fly by to quick!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Get the Celeb Look-alike Dress!

Today I was looking for a dress for a quinceanera that
I'm going to attend and came across this awesome site.

This site has so many celeb look alike dresses!!
Here are a few of Kim K.'s that they had!

Enjoy!!! Here are the links and prices to these particular dresses!!
Harper Embellished Star Dress $168.00
White Crystal Embellished Bandage $240.00
Color Block Dress $168.00

Monday, January 16, 2012

Double Post Monday!

Since last week I did only
2 posts due to a busy week at work and with my lil one!
 Here is another re-creation of Kim K's outfit. She was out shopping last week and paps caught her in this ensemble!
 Red Chiffon Blouse, High waisted trousers, & nude shoes! Paired with gold Accessories! My Re-creation! Links below :)

High waisted trousers $17.00
Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse $24.99
Hermes Replica $289.00
Platform nude Pumps $48.99

Golden Globes & Get Kourt's Look

I shop everywhere online. I came across this dress that reminded me of an old Kourt outfit. She wore it back when she was in New York for a fashion week. She wore an Alice & Olivia Dress.
Found this dress on Ebay and reminded me of it! You can pair a pair of pointy heels with it and Waaaalaaaa! Kourt outfit!
Golden Globes were yesterday night! Here are my faves!
Kate Beckinsale was beyond BREATHTAKING! She looks like a GODDESS!
 Another nude/blush dress that stunned the night! Charlize! love the train!
 Kim K. attended after parties! She looks DIVINE (like always) in this lace black dress! Props to Monica Rose!
Lea Michele rocked her Marchesa illusion dress!
Jessica Biel (without her engagement ring lol) wows with her nude lace dress!ABSOLUTELY RADIANT!
New mommy Jessica Alba looks fabulous!
Couple of the night for me was the elegant Angelina & scruffy Brad Pitt! They are absolutely flawless by themselves and together even more!

Worst dressed for me was Ms Madonna & Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Madonna , LOSE the rock hand gloves for one night! Sarah looks like she would be part of the sky with that dress. LOL. But in her defense, she let her toddler pick her dress sooooo.. for future reference Sarah.. don't do that again! lol.

What were your best and worst dressed?


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh how I wish..


 Looks like I'm going to be taking all my shoes out of boxes and build some shelves!
I wanted to re-organize my closet and came across these pictures that are such an inspiration. These closets are to die for!!! don't you wish your closet looked like this??!? :) The closets of the Kardashian Sisters have gave me some good tips how to re-organize AND decorate it fabulously!
Get to re-organizing and decorating Dolls!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kim K. Visits Khloe in the Big D!

Kim Kardashian came into town earlier this week to visit her sister Khloe.

 They shopped, went to the Dallas Aquarium, and later attended the Mavs Game! They both look fabulous!

I've re-created Miss Kim K.'s outfit for LESS!
Lady's Guess Belted Wool Peacoat, Olive Green: $119.00

Grey Balenciaga Replica bag: $227

Taupe Sweater Top:$18.99
Furr cuff leatherette boot Regular Price: $29.70

Black Gap Jeans: $29.99

La Fiorentina Wool Zebra Cheetah Wrap $42.00