Thursday, November 25, 2010


I hope everyone has a amazing & fulfilling Thanksgiving today! I'm thankful for

1. God! Thank you for another day .. ..
2. My loved ones! My momma for putting up with my attitude lol My daddy for satisfying my wants.. My siblings for loving me no matter how crazy I can get lol My boyfriend for loving me in the most un-selfish way! My best friend Gaby who  has been to hell and back with me! & of course to the rest of my crazy friends who make me laugh when I don't even want to..
3. My health & loved one's health
4. My wonderful job & co-workers who make it more worth while!
5. Fashionistas: Kim, Khloe, & Kourtney for inspiring me not just fashion wise, but to reach for more than just the normal.
6. Music!!! Song can uplift you, bring you memories, and change your mood so unexpectedly!
7. My cuture and background..mi ranchito! La Escondida, GTO! mexican pride!
8. My past because it has made me into the person that I am today...


  1. aaww so sweet hun.. im katalina"o" form kim web . love what you have done with the web. very talented of you .. have you checked out i love this site too and this is a store is in CA.check them out . thanks take care
    word of advice . you should be a PR (publicist for CELEBS) they make tons of money... good luck

  2. thanks!!! yes I have visited and shopped on both of those sites! they are awesome & great deals! haha! that would be a dream come true! aver si dios me ayuda con eso lol

    I just started this so I still have lots to do with it. :) Stay tuned haha